Ultrasonic surface

This project is a continuation of our prior development with interaction interfaces. We are testing open hardware options and simple solutions that can capture hands movement and translate into messages to the computer. This time we have used a ultra-sonic sensor — an alternative to our prior experiment [REF] where it was used an infra-red sensor. The general idea is to measure the distance of an object, say your hand, from the actual sensor. In order to send the information to the computer, it was decided, again, to use the keyboard function that is provided as part of the Leonardo Arduino interface — in this case our FZDUINO.

The sensor was placed at the right side of the monitor so purposed to measure distances within the range of the viewport of the monitor. When the device is turned on, it measures the distance of the first object it finds and uses it as the upper limit so any objects beyond that point won’t be informed to the computer. Because it finds the border of the monitor ( think border is required here or something equivalent ) it works as a self-calibrating device. After the initial calibration function it starts to monitor if any object appears within the range ( from minimal detection point to the calibration max ) and when it finds a keyboard character is passed between A to Z depending on the distance.

Arduino Leonardo compatible board FZDUINO

Arduino Reference — Mouse and Keyboard libraries

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